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Amy Banas

Crow Island Elementary School
K-4 Technology Integration Specialist
Winnetka, IL
Amy currently teaches at Crow Island Elementary School in The Winnetka Public Schools District 36 in the North Shore of Chicago. She has spent over a decade teaching in the elementary school setting as a general music teacher as well as a Technology Integration Specialist. Currently, she is a Technology Integration Specialist for kindergarten through 4th grade. She recognizes the importance and impact technology has on learning. She is passionate about using technology effectively to help personalize learning for all students, empower students to take ownership of their work and provide opportunities for students to share their voice. By personalizing her approach, she is able to meet teachers where they’re at to make the experience more meaningful. She provides students with various learning opportunities that challenge them to think critically, problem-solve, and be creative. She works closely with staff members to help them build their technology skills and become more confident at integrating technology seamlessly into their classroom instruction to help support student achievement. She enjoys sharing her learning inside and outside of her school district. She has presented at IETC, IDEA, and IDEA minicon. Amy earned her BA in Music Education from Illinois Wesleyan University and received her MA from Concordia University Chicago for Education in Technology. She is currently working on receiving her MEd in Educational Leadership and Administration from American College of Education.

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